Currency Disclosure Agreement

Regarding: Iraq Dinar (IQD)- Vietnam Dong (VND)- Indonesia Rupiah (IDR) Disclosure Form

FCE, TCE, and UCE Corp do not advise the purchase of Iraq Dinar, Vietnamese Dong, or Indonesia Rupiah currencies unless you intend to travel there and use it as local currency. It is not possible to predict the future value of IQD, VND, or IDR. There is no evidence to suggest that the IQD, VND, or IDR will increase or decrease in value. The purchase of these currencies should be considered an ‘extremely high-risk currency transaction.

By signing this form you agree that you were not instructed be FCE, TCE, or UCE Corp, its parent company,
employees, sister branches, nor alleged representatives to buy IQD, VND, or IDR currencies and that you will not hold FCE, TCE, or UCE Corp liable for any loss or gain in the IQD, VND, or IDR currency values.

I, the undersigned, as a customer of FCE, TCE, or UCE Corp, declare that I independently requested to exchange the IQD, VND, or IDR currencies as shown on the corresponding receipt reference number. I fully understand the risk associated with transacting in IQD, VND, or IDR currencies, and I will not hold FCE, TCE, or UCE Corp nor
aforementioned parties liable for any loss that I may incur on my currency transaction. Further, I agree for FCE, TCE, or UCE Corp to retain my government-issued identification information on this disclosure.


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